6 Simple Swaps For Effortless Weight Loss

Simple Swaps for Effortless Weight Loss Replace meat with mushrooms 3 ounces 85 percent lean ground beef, pan browned = 218 calories 1 cup chopped white button mushrooms = 21 calories Savings: 197 calories Nutrition Bonus A Johns Hopkins’ study found that replacing ground beef with mushrooms in meals significantly slashed calories and fat without affecting volunteers’ fullness or satiety ratings. This switch can also up your intake of vitamin D , an essential nutrient most of us are seriously missing out on, as shrooms are the only plant-based source. Simple Swaps for Effortless Weight Loss Substitute rice with chopped or shredded veggies 1 cup cooked rice = 242 calories 1 cup chopped zucchini = 21 calories Savings: 221 calories Nutrition Bonus Like pasta, rice is easy to overdo, leading to a carb surplus that feeds fat cells, or keeps them plump. Stick with whole grain brown, red, black, or wild rice, and add chopped or shredded veggies to stretch a smaller scoop. Great options include zucchini, bell pepper, tomatoes, onion, mushrooms, and spinach. Simple Swaps for Effortless Weight Loss Remove your burrito’s tortilla and use a bed of lettuce instead 1 burrito sized flour tortilla = 290 calories 1 cup shredded romaine = 8 calories Savings: 282 calories Nutrition Bonus In addition to ditching 44 carb grams and nearly 700 mg of bloat-inducing sodium, ordering your burrito naked kicks up your intake of key nutrients.
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Take care of your body with SmartyPants Gummy Vitamins (Photos)

Man gets drunk without drinking, makes booze in his own belly

The best part is that they’re made into gummies that are naturally flavored and taste great. SmartyPants for adults can be found in two different varieties, one for weight loss/management and the other a complete multivitamin supplement. SmartyPants Adult Complete is a full multivitamin that also contains eco friendly Omega 3s , Vitamin D3 and is an excellent source of Vitamin C, E, B6, B12 and folic acid. It’s also gluten and casein free and made in California in a GMP certified facility. SmartyPants Weight Management Complete is another full multivitamin that contains the same as Adult Complete but also has dietary fiber which is essential for maintaining a healthy weight.
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Four in 10 men taking vitamins every day to stay healthy

Wed, September 25, 2013 Tweet Pills taken by men usually contain vitamins A and D as well as zinc and magnesium [GETTY – POSED] New figures reveal nearly four in 10 men take them regularly. The trend has seen the UK market for vitamins and supplements aimed specifically at men soar from 4.1million in 2011 to 5.1million last year. At 46 per cent, women are still more likely to take daily vitamins, but men are now fast catching up at 38 per cent, according to market analysts Mintel. Pills taken by men usually contain vitamins A and D as well as zinc and magnesium which boost bone strength and help with memory loss and prostate problems. There have been few vitamin launches targeted at men, particularly when it comes to vitamins with appearance benefit A Convention of Scottish Local Authorities spokesmaMintel n Despite the sales boom in mens vitamins, Mintel said the market was relatively untapped.
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Nutrition Nurses (5 Positions)

Responsible for making the order for supplies to the Nutrition Supervisor according to the expected number of beneficiaries for the day and follows up to ensure this supplies are available before the start of the programs each day. With the Nutrition Supervisor, identifies any mistakes and capacity gaps that lead to poor achievement and adherence to the IMAM protocols. This means that the Nutrition Nurse closely monitors the performance of the nutrition site in comparison to the acceptable performance sphere standards. Assists in the other team members to implementation of home visits of deserving beneficiaries, i.e follow-up of non-respondents, defaulters and potential defaulters The Nutrition Nurse will work with the Nutrition Supervisor and the Community Outreach Supervisor to conduct community sensitization through community sessions as well as other health education activities With the Nutrition Supervisor, Community Outreach Supervisor and Health Supervisor, develop coherent health and nutrition messages and pass them to the community including nutrition program objectives and approach. Support the nutrition team especially the distributers to monitor the stocks by filling the daily stock cards.
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Calling for an End to Nutrition as Religion

Unfortunately, when it comes to the various nutrition religions, their commandments tend to be brutally enforced, both by individuals and by their fellow congregants. As anyone who regularly reads nutrition blogs or Facebook pages knows, diet adherents tend to use their online platform to frown upon any and all dietary strategies beyond their house of worship. To question their program or guru’s plans is akin to questioning their religious beliefs; and yet, unlike actual religious questioning (which would almost certainly lead to a thoughtful discussion), question dietary dogma online, and you can bet it will lead to a highly heated debate where anger and indignation can easily descend into name calling and personal attacks. But even if you’re not one to interact with nutrition nuts on the Internet, you may still be at risk; although you may not have a stranger’s zealous scrutiny to watch out for, you’ve still got yourself. Dietary dogma, almost by definition, dictates blind faith and absolute loyalty, where breaking a dietary commandment is akin to committing a sin. Sin often enough and here comes the guilt , and feel guilt often enough, and you might well decide to kill your entire healthier-living, guilt-inducing effort. [Read: A Shame-Free Food Lifestyle .] Of the, literally, thousands of patients I’ve seen about their weights, virtually all of them have successfully lost weight with at least one diet or weight-loss program.
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Seek. Define. Drive. Dermalogica Welcomes Professional Skin Care “tribe” To Its “futurescape” Symposium In Los Angeles

Popular Japanese Skin Care Brand Arrives in the United States

Drive.” shaped the scintillating keynote address from Wurwand, who positioned the leadership of the professional skin therapist as central to the brand’s success. Experts from key areas of the organization presented further Symposium modules addressing fresh strategies for capturing and retaining market dominance, with an emphasis on the power of new media as well as traditional marketing. Annet King, Director of Global Education, spoke on the survival strategies in the new “omni-channel” landscape and shared tools and tactics needed in today’s market to secure retail sales utilizing both online and offline resources. Dermalogica’s recent launch of a new teen skin care line, Clear Start, was introduced as the focus for new retailing programs which include the brand’s signature MicroZone treatments and Skin Bar as methods for building sales. Afternoon sessions included a presentation by Dr.
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Noxell’s Noxema has been around since the turn of the century. Another longtime leader is Richardson-Merrell’s Oil of Olay, which in the mid-1960’s first raised the delicate question of a woman’s age and offered help in disguising it. Estee Lauder, now the best-selling name at the higher-priced end of the market, began basically as a skin-care company. And some observers credit Elizabeth Arden’s Visible Difference, a top-selling brand introduced in 1974, with pioneering the new wave of products boasting documentary proof of efficacy. Market Not Overcrowded Despite the proliferation of skin-care products, said Miss DeLucia, of Kidder, Peabody, the market is not yet overcrowded. But the number of recent new-product introductions has led to a jostling for position that, in an industry known for hyperbole, has taxed even the most imaginative copywriters. Lauder’s Swiss Age-Controlling, for example, promises ”skin fitness from day one.” Revlon not only guarantees ”immediate improvement,” but warns that ”skipping even a single day can trigger a reversal of the process.” That admonition, Ronald Lauder, younger son of Estee Lauder and executive vice president of Estee Lauder Inc., says with a smile, is ”the Dorian Gray concept.” At the top end of the market, the four Lauder companies – Clinique, Estee Lauder, Prescriptives and Aramis, a line of skin-care products and fragrances for men – collectively outsell any other cosmetics company by a comfortable margin, according to Miss DeLucia.
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Kline Marks 10th Anniversary Of Professional Skin Care Research

Skin Care Tips for Teens

In the United States, for example, the top five brands now account for nearly 40% of market share, and beauty leaders, like Procter & Gamble and L’Oreal, have acquired professional brands to add these products to their portfolios. As a result, the technologies and active ingredients once found exclusively in professional skin care lines have infiltrated the mass market, giving consumers broader access to professional-quality products across a wider range of price points, while also expanding the reach of mass-market manufacturers. This has kept professional product manufacturers on their toes, driving continuous innovation to develop new products that promise greater efficacy, novel delivery systems, and other breakthrough developments. From a regional perspective, Kline has documented the global wave of market growth in detail as it peaked in North America and built momentum in Western Europe and the BRIC countries. Industry growth in the United States peaked in 2008 at 7.5%, before levelling off at 3% in 2012. In Europe, 2007 saw growth surge to a 9.5% CAGR, followed by a steady decline to a CAGR of just under 2% in 2012 in the wake of the global recession.
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Kline & Company

This will help prevent your skin from becoming drier. Moisturize with a non-perfumed, non-alcohol-containing lotion after washing. Also, limit very hot showers, high temperatures, and low humidity, which rob your skin of moisture. Even using soap and excessive washing or scrubbing of the skin increases dryness. Many teens have drier skin during the winter months, when humidity is low and heaters force hot, dry air into enclosed rooms.
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“Skin Care in the US” Now Available at Fast Market Research

It provides the latest retail sales data 2008-2012, allowing you to identify the sectors driving growth. Forecasts to 2017 illustrate how the market is set to change. Product coverage: Body Care, Facial Care, Hand Care. Data coverage: market sizes (historic and forecasts), company shares, brand shares and distribution data. Reasons to Get This Report – Get a detailed picture of the Skin Care market; – Pinpoint growth sectors and identify factors driving change; – Understand the competitive environment, the market’s major players and leading brands; – Use five-year forecasts to assess how the market is predicted to develop. About Fast Market Research Fast Market Research is an online aggregator and distributor of market research and business information. Representing the world’s top research publishers and analysts, we provide quick and easy access to the best competitive intelligence available.
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